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Math, definitely part of my process…

Getting these hats ready to go to the tech editor. Gauge is always part of a part and is minimal basic math. That’s how many stitches and rows or rounds per inch so that you can replicate the work I’ve done and it actually fit.

When there are different sizes then there is more math and not just basic everyday math, but geometry. You figure how much yarn used for one size and the number of square inches for that size and then how many yards use per square inch and then apply to the other sizes you want to make.

For me this is the owner part of the process. It don’t have the formulas memorized or even organized in one place because I don’t do it enough. I’m going to be doing it more though so I better get organized.

The other little bit of knitting that isn’t a hat, is a swatch for mitts using DK weight yarn. So far I like this needle size with the yarn. Next I’ll measure the swatch and do some basic math to figure out how many stitches to cast on.

Thankful for all those math classes in school. Didn’t feel very practical in the moment though I love numbers but very useful now.

Happy making!

Switch It Hats

Photo Shoot

I took some photos of the Advent shawl yesterday. This pattern will soon be getting its final cover! The pattern is called Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. I used the Advent skeins for 2022 from Southern Skeins to design this piece. Lots of texture to keep the knitter interested and showcase the colors. Still simple enough to work on while spending time with others during the holidays.

I also took some pictures of the Switch It Again hat. This hat as well as the Switch It Up hat will be going to testers tomorrow afternoon. Pattern release is planned for the end of January.

Brick and Mortar

Brick and Mortar Shoot

These hats and mitts are all finally finished. I still have to finish writing the patterns but all the stitching has been completed.

My hubby took me to breakfast this past weekend and I decided to do a shoot while we were there. Here are some of the photos. All are unedited and I haven’t chosen any for the patterns yet. It was a good shoot though.

Switch It Hats

Changing Choices

In the Switch It Again Hat you have two choices when changing colors. Some people when changing colors in ribbing like to knit every stitch. This works well because you don’t have any of those visible loops of color showing and doesn’t change the stretch of the piece.

Knit every stitch.

The other choice I’m going to share with you is to work the color change round in ribbing as they are. You will see the color change loops when the piece is pulled open on the hat but the ribbing of this hat is so close that it doesn’t bother me.

Work them as they are.

So the choice is yours. Below is a couple more pictures to look at. If you are working a different rib count than this pattern has, it is 3 x 2, then please swatch to how’s your looks.

For this hat what the back looks like doesn’t matter because the right is all that will ever be visible. If the wrong side of your work is going to show, like when the brim or cuff is turned, then make sure you like the look of both sides before continuing.

Happy making!

Switch It Hats

Hat Idea

I’ve been working on some odd hat ideas since my birthday and so far they are working.

Here is the second idea about half way through. These hats can be turned inside out to be different colors and even textures if you desire.

3 x 2 ribbed hat

I will have a test call coming on Instagram in next couple of weeks. If you’re interested let me know!

Happy Making!