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Hi, I’m Sara of Azariah’s Fibre Arts, and I’m glad you’re here. “Here” is where you will get to see, in detail, what I’m working on, my latest videos and preview up coming designs.

There are links to buy the patterns for my designs under the “Designs” button above.

In “My Work Basket” you will see the tutorials, tips and tricks that were shared with newsletter subscribers for each pattern release or re-release. This will be the written tutorials, photos and links to any videos or other downloads.

I also share in more detail different parts of my fiber journey.

Hope you enjoy your stay!

Seasons of Country Sophistication – Fall

Each month through my weekly newsletter I share special stitches and techniques that go with the monthly pattern release, then I collect them all here in case someone missed something. If you would like to received the weekly email and see the techniques as they come out sign up for my newsletter on the “Links”…

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Natural Dyeing with Cochineal

The first step to natural dyeing is adding mordant, if you’re going to do it. For this project I chose to mordant 20 of the hanks. There are 5 hanks of each mordant; no mordant, alum, copper, iron and tin. Most mordants you can’t see but some you can, like copper, a light green and…

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Grankerchief Head Scarf and Cowl

Choosing your yarn The piece shown above was made from some DK mini skeins that I had. I’ve also made it from DK cotton and size 10 crochet cotton thread.This piece can be made to fit any size head, using any weight of yarn or thread. I will be sharing a video next week on…

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