Welcome home.

Hi, I’m Sara of Azariah’s Fibre Arts, and I’m glad you’re here. “Here” is where you will get to see, in detail, what I’m working on, my latest videos and preview up coming designs.

There are links to buy the patterns for my designs under the “Designs” button above.

In “My work Basket” you will see what I am currently working on, both personal designs and what I’m making from someone else’s design. I go into detail about yarn and tools too.

Hope you enjoy your stay!

Many of the designs that are in my shops are both in written and charted formats. I have also made most of them low vision and screen reader friendly. Those are a different download so please read the file carefully to know which file to download. You receive access to all file type with each purchase.

Many of the videos I make also have a companion video that is specifically for the deaf and hearing impaired.

I’m a designer and a maker

IN this post I will share with you my Coloring Stacking Cowl. It is a project that I did through the Patreon group for YarnHarlot. While I design knitting and crochet items, I am also a maker and I enjoy working other people’s designs and patterns too. Because of that you will also see my… More

Harder than I thought.

If you read my last post here you know that I have decided to take my fiber arts and designing seriously as a business. I am now part of the Swatch Studio Circle and am loving the community there. This past week Pam Grice, the Crochetpreneur offered a Crochet Business Summit. One level was free… More


I have had patterns self published to Ravelry since 2012. In that time I have sold a total of 18 patterns. Not much to show for 8 year of work. Toward the end of last year I decided to get serious about my writing and publishing; I took a couple of classes on line, even… More

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