My Work Basket

Here is where I will tell you about the projects I am working on.

Want to see the details of a particular project without digging through all my posts, my Ravelry project page can help. I link posts to the projects in Ravelry.

From the Studio

See you in November!

Sometimes we do things; things that wee don’t want to do but know it is the right or responsible thing to do. Right now, this post is one of those things for me. I really don’t want to do this but for the sake of my mental health and the quality of the content here, […]

It Finally Clicked!

Even as a seasoned knitter, sometimes, something so simple can flummox me. Steven West’s Bubble Shawl did just that. The first time I tried this shawl was in March of 2019. For details on yarn and needle size, see my project page. It was the second year my daughter and I decided to start a […]

I’m a designer and a maker

In this post I will share with you my Coloring Stacking Cowl. It is a project that I did through the Patreon group for YarnHarlot. While I design knitting and crochet items, I am also a maker and I enjoy working other people’s designs and patterns too. Because of that you will also see my […]