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Welcome to my blog!

I wanted to share a bit about how I work.
This is referring to any link I share and products I talk about. As well as how to conduct yourself in this space.

Any link I share will not be an affiliate link, here on the blog, on YouTube or Instagram.
If I am sharing a product with you it is because I use that product and genuinely like it and think you might too.
Any link I share to a product, company, video, post or anything else doesn’t mean I fully agree with and support absolutely everything they say and do. I cannot know everything that they say and do, number one. Two, they are entitled to have an opinion that is different than mine or yours.

If there is something you know about someone I’ve shared with you, email or message me to let me know. Don’t publicly tear someone up in the comments. That sort of behavior will not be tolerated.

We will be civilized and respectful here, on my YouTube channel and on my Instagram account.

This isn’t in response to anything in particular, just wanted to share. I enjoy people, all kinds of people, I just want everyone to be nice is all.

From the Studio

Habit Stacking

I don’t know a lot about habit stacking, but I have learned that it is adding something you want to do, to something that you already do. I love to spin yarn. However I don’t really take the time to do it. Mostly I spin when I’m doing a demo for educational purposes, but I…

Chicken Bowls

Serves 42 eggs2T Mayo1T of desired mustard1t each of garlic, black pepper, parsley, cayenne (if desired)1-2c panko bread crumbs8 fresh boneless, skinless chicken tenders4-6 servings of prepared mashed potatoes, depends on appetites1 15oz can of corn1 packet of desired gravy that makes 2c, we use country Mix together eggs, mayo, mustard and seasonings. Pour panko…

Support Your Stitching

This post probably not going to be about what you’re thinking, I’m not talking about financially, I’m talking physically, literally support your stitching. I am working on a cowl that is going to be sort of epic for me. It is reeeeaaaallllyyy long. It’s the Scattering Petals cowl from Dana Rae. Here is the link…