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Welcome to my blog!

I wanted to share a bit about how I work.
This is referring to any link I share and products I talk about. As well as how to conduct yourself in this space.

Any link I share will not be an affiliate link, here on the blog, on YouTube or Instagram.
If I am sharing a product with you it is because I use that product and genuinely like it and think you might too.
Any link I share to a product, company, video, post or anything else doesn’t mean I fully agree with and support absolutely everything they say and do. I cannot know everything that they say and do, number one. Two, they are entitled to have an opinion that is different than mine or yours.

If there is something you know about someone I’ve shared with you, email or message me to let me know. Don’t publicly tear someone up in the comments. That sort of behavior will not be tolerated.

We will be civilized and respectful here, on my YouTube channel and on my Instagram account.

This isn’t in response to anything in particular, just wanted to share. I enjoy people, all kinds of people, I just want everyone to be nice is all.

From the Studio

Feather and Fan Shawl

This shawl has been a process of chart, knit, rip, repeat. I finally found the formula I needed to make a half pi shawl with the feather and fan stitch. This is the first version of this shawl. I am using 100% non super-wash wool in DK weight. I am adding beads to this one.…

Tutorial Choices

I love love sharing the different tricks I discover, learn and to take a word from Elizabeth Zimmerman, unvent. There are many ways to share those. In person and that is my favorite. Through photo tutorials, which I have done a few of and the easiest for us all I think, video tutorials. These take…

Counting Rows/Rounds Swatch

Here are the directions for the swatch that I made to use in the video to count rows/rounds in knitting. If you haven’t seen the video, the link is here. I think that if you make the swatch yourself, counting rows and rounds in knitting will be even easier for you than after watching the…