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From the Studio

Swatching board

I went back to swatching board for the Las Cruces shawl crochet version, see previous post to catch up if needed. As promised on my Instagram Live, see IG bio to watch replay, here are the pictures I took of my progress. This is the one I started after lying to myself about the swatch […]

Las Cruces Shawl the Crochet version

Here is the first swatch that I was happy with. I have since ripped it out, but made enough notes that I could duplicate it. Here is the beginning of my shawl… I was lying to myself about the swatch laying the way it needs to. It didn’t really I just moved it around and […]

Not Quite

I really wanted the knit version of Brick and Mortar to be reversible like the crochet version. No practical reason, I just think it’s fun. Someone saw what I was doing and while they were thinking aloud said “If one was worked on the back…” I took that thought and stuck it away for a […]