Pattern Round Up

Twisted Granny

Each month through my weekly newsletter I share special stitches and techniques that go with the monthly pattern release, then I collect them all here in case someone missed something.

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Color Changing Tips – below
What is a mobius? – YouTube video
Cluster Stitch – TikTok video
How to begin a mobius – YouTube video

Color Changing Tips While this design contains color changing don’t let that scare you away.  It is easy to change color and because the color is changed often between just two colors, you can carry the color not in use up the back.  That eliminates all the extra ends from cutting the color at each color change.

To change color, work until the last two loops of the last stitch remain on your hook, unless it is a chain, I’ll cover that in a minute.  Drop your current color and pick up your new color.  Finish the stitch with your new color.  Ta da, color changed!

If the last st is a chain, finish the round, but do NOT join.  Drop current color, insert hook where indicated to join, pick up your new color and use it to join.  Now the color is changed and you can continue with your new color.

To carry the color up the back will take a bit of remembering first of all and then a bit of finessing.  When I get back to the joining for a round, I pick up the old color and catch it as I join the round.  I then catch it in each step of the first stitch of the round so that it is sitting there when I return again.

Here is a picture for you to look at.  I will work on a video later this week and put it up.

You can buy the pattern in my Ravelry or Payhip store.

Cluster Stitch Video

Carry and Change Yarn in Crochet


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