Pattern Round Up

Grankerchief Head Scarf and Cowl

Choosing your yarn

The piece shown above was made from some DK mini skeins that I had. I’ve also made it from DK cotton and size 10 crochet cotton thread.
This piece can be made to fit any size head, using any weight of yarn or thread. I will be sharing a video next week on how to measure the head for the full triangle or string option.
The one shown above is the full triangle option. It closes with a button and a flower.
The string option is nice for those with thinner or shorter hair because it is less bulky. It will still make a nice cowl though.
You will need to choose a hook that is appropriate for the weight of yarn or thread that you are using. While gauge doesn’t matter for this piece, you don’t want it too tight, it won’t lay on the head or make a comfortable cowl, but you also don’t want it to be too open either, it won’t hold the button and flower and might not look as nice as something a bit tighter.
This project is good for scraps and little bits, if you are game to deal with the ends properly.
I can’t wait to see some made in fingering weight and even chunky yarn.

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How to measure for Grankerchief

Magic Ring Beginning

Working in Ends of Rows

Elongated (extended) Single Crochet


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