Blocking Day!

Yesterday was blocking day. In Colorado my studio was large enough that my blocking table was always set up. Here that isn’t the case. When I need to block something here I have to set up my table on the back patio. I watch weather for rain, not often and wind. Neither were happening yesterday so I was good to go. So glad I can block outside here in the winter.

I set up my 6 x 6 foot table, cover it with the foam floor mats and a sheet. This session I had some swatches and a large, very large shawl.

I soaked all the items in water, which thankfully is available out back, then let them sit for a couple of hours.

When I was ready to block I took my salad spinner outside to spin out the excess water.

I did the swatches first, because they are little and easy. Then I tackled the shawl.

These swatches are the examples for the how to read knitting charts workshop I will be teaching at the Las Cruces Knitting Guild in February. If it goes well I plan to make it into at least a workbook and maybe a video class. If you think you might be interested in that please share in the comments below.

While it turned out to be bigger than I was expecting it was easier than I was expecting. I pulled out and blocked each of the points along the edge and then just made sure everything else was smooth. No wires needed anywhere. I did have to add a couple of smaller mats because the shawl isuch bigger than the table.

The Fantastitch Shawl from Stephen West


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