behind the scenes

Working Out of the Studio

Now that I have finally settled into some routine here in Las Cruces, with everyone at work, school and accepting that my paying job is going to keep changing, I decided to add in working out of the studio once a week.

Last week I went to a coffee shop that is so close to my home, that for those of you familiar with the 360 app, I didn’t leave either circle. This week I went half a mile from home. This shop makes there own Chai and it is so good.

Got a window seat!

Working out of the studio forces me to work on things that I might not want to but need to and when it’s all I take, ya know that’s what gets done.

I’m working on workbooks for the workshops I want to shoot this year. I’m enjoying the process of making templates so that I have cohesive looking workbooks and know that all the info is there.

Where is your favorite place to stitch or work?


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