Lace Knitting Scarf Re-release!

Here it is! I’m so excited to be re-releasing this design. This is the first of my re-releasing of my old patterns. I am doing this so that I can up date the pictures, make the text cleaner and clearer and hoping to reach some new audience members.

Please welcome the Lace Knitting Scarf! This scarf is a great way to get started in lace knitting. The “working” rows are only on one side, all the stitches are “knit” and you can make the piece as long or short as you like.

There is a special stitch in this piece called the Centered Eyelet Stitch. I have a picture tutorial at the end of the pattern and a video link to see how it is worked as well. You can find links to both of those tutorials here on the website. The picture tutorial is in the “Stitch Tutorials” section and the video is in the “Videos” section.

The pattern contains a tutorial for those who have never worked lace before. Info about chart reading, lifelines and blocking. The knitting directions are only charted, but I am open to making the written version available if desired. All my patterns come with full support, please feel free to contact me for questions or help.

The model is worked in a lace weight yarn with US size 4 needles. I have also seen it worked in heavier yarn with larger needles as well. Please choose a yarn and needle combination that you are comfortable working with. If you weigh the yarn before you begin, make the swatch, weigh the yarn again then you will know how far the yarn you have will go. If you want help with the math please ask, I love numbers!

Each design will have its own hashtag for Instagram, please use it if you share your projects there, I love to see them! #afalaceknittingscarf

Below are the links to buy the pattern in the 2 stores that I work with. If you like to support LYS and yours works with Ravelry, it is available that way as well. I’m not sure if the discount works though… To get the discount code sign up for my email list from the home page and the code will be on its way. The code is only good through April 20, 2021 so sign up soon!





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