Luminous Ladybug Repair

One of the activities I really enjoy is repairing knit or crochet pieces. I have done this often for my personal items and for others as well. Items made from cotton, acrylic and wool. Acrylic is no longer an option for me as I’m allergic to it.

This particular repair is on a 6 foot by 6 foot Haapsalu shawl that I designed in 2012. It is not currently available, but will be re-released soon.

It is made of 100% alpaca. I wear it often and everywhere. When it gets too warm, I roll it up in a ball throw it in the back of the car. It has been snagged, repaired and re-blocked.

This hole was in the border. I took a few minutes one afternoon and repaired it.

A snagged hole near the nupps in the border.
Here is the repaired section. I wasn’t able to save all of the eyelets, but I saved the nupps.

When I complete most projects, I put a yarn band and a bit of each yarn used in a sandwich bag with some basic info. Project name, yarn, needle and recipient. Then from my Ravelry project page I can have a good idea which baggy I need when it comes time to make a repair.

I don’t do this for socks. I don’t repair my socks. I love making socks and I am the only one who wears them so I have lots and lots of them. Instead I have the worn out socks in a box and have plans to make the fabric of them into other items. The left over yarn from socks goes into a special box for amigurumi and other small projects.

If you need repair services, let me know.

Happy making!


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