Crochet Dragon Part 1

I posted a new video on YouTube today.

In it I detail the yarn that Mom surprised me with this week and the pattern I will be using with that yarn.

Here is a random picture the camera took during filming; I’m still learning what to do when and how.

I am using a Nikon D5600 and am loving it! It is the second Nikon I’ve owned and the first video recorder from them. So far so good.

The light in this video isn’t great but I’m learning. The card I show is fuzzy, but I put in a still so the info is there.

As I go ahead, it’ll get better.

The mic my husband bought me a while back worked nicely with the camera.

So the yarn and pattern will be to crochet a dragon. The yarn is 50% camel and 50% mulberry silk. It is a very shinny and colorful yarn. I decided to crochet a dragon to use the shinny as a design element and to keep the colors mottled, like in a hank.

I will post a little about the project and some pictures here as I go along, but most of the sharing will be done in the videos.

Please like and subscribe my YouTube channel to keep up with this Dragon project. Or subscribe here on my site to know when a new blog post goes up. I do a blog post for any video post I do.


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