I have had patterns self published to Ravelry since 2012. In that time I have sold a total of 18 patterns. Not much to show for 8 year of work.

Toward the end of last year I decided to get serious about my writing and publishing; I took a couple of classes on line, even got some test knitters for one of the designs. I planned to publish that design in December 2020. Then I took another class that would make that pattern even better, so I pushed the date out, then again and again and then…

It still isn’t published. Why? I didn’t really lose my drive to publish, I was feeling a mix of emotions and wasn’t sure of myself and what the Lord has for me right now. One feeling was “This is just fluff work, what’s the point?” Another of arrogant pride if I introduce myself as a designer and there are so many patterns already any way, why do we need more? So for the last 6 months there has been pretty much no forward motion on the publishing part. I’ve started tech editing and have been working on my own designs and recording some videos, but those aren’t published either…

Then a couple of weeks ago registration for SWATCH Studio Circle opened up again. I’ve been looking at it and praying about it since February. I asked a couple of questions and had my Mom look over it and then I joined! This is it. It’s not make it or break it, it’s just do it! I have been taking classes and learning how to make great patterns, what a style sheet is and other things from many different artists. SWATCH Studio Circle brings in, what I hope is the last missing piece, interaction with other designers and with that comes accountability. SWATCH Studio Circle offers more than the interaction. There are videos that break the design process down into smaller steps that are less overwhelming and feel doable. Downloadable files to customize to you. How to use social media… I think this is it. Not that I will be making a living from my designs, but that I will not only get them on Ravelry but follow through and share about them in other places that they might be more successful than in the past.

With that is going to come some work. I had taken all my patterns off of Ravelry and was going to re-release them all by the end of June. I completed one.

At this point they are all back up and available at the price they have been all this time. I am going to redo each pattern to look like my new style, be low vision and screen reader friendly, be both charted and written and if any tutorials are needed they will be both photo and video. Video will be available in 2 different formats talked through and then one with music and step by step captions.

As I redo each one and release it, the price may change, up or down. Pricing is still something that I’m working on and learning about. Patterns priced too low, don’t sell and that makes sense actually, but I had never thought about it.

I will release one old pattern each month starting July 2021 and going through December 2022. Yes I have planned out the next 18 months of designing. I have that much just sitting around here in various stages. I will also release a new design each month. I haven’t filled the calendar with new designs yet, but close. I am excited to work this way. Enough to keep busy, complete what is languishing and time to work on new inspirations and submissions that come along.

I will be more diligent about posting here on what I am working on so that you can get a behind the scenes look and be ready for the pattern when it drops.

Happy making!


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