Harder than I thought.

Sara's computer is open on a table outside.  She has her notes for this session of the Crochet Business Summit and her red lace knitting project is off to the right side.

If you read my last post here you know that I have decided to take my fiber arts and designing seriously as a business. I am now part of the Swatch Studio Circle and am loving the community there.

This past week Pam Grice, the Crochetpreneur offered a Crochet Business Summit. One level was free and then a couple of paid levels. Being new and green I decided to look into a few of the 30 sessions offered on the free level. I was particularly interested in the Tiktok session.

Well, I ended up watching and participating in the chat of 24 sessions! It was like drinking from a hydrant there was so much great info! From blogging to Youtube to TikTok and I want to do it all, and I can. I now have some tools and lots of ideas.

How does this fit in with Swatch Studio Circle? I am going to take things slowly because another thing I learned during the summit is that, doing all of this is harder for me than I thought. Swatch Studio Circle is my place to take the time I need to do this slowly so that things don’t snowball and get out of my control. I can learn the tech as I go. Grow with the platforms I choose and let go of what isn’t working for my style of creativity.

I will use my classes with swatch Studio Circle to grow my business in order using the tools and tech along the way. With the sessions from the Crochet Summit I will have another perspective on different areas and ways to do things to look back on.

While I am still a bit overwhelmed I am very excited to get started doing these ALL the things! I even opened a Canva account today.

Thank you for being on this journey with me!

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Happy Making!


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