I’m a designer and a maker

In this post I will share with you my Coloring Stacking Cowl. It is a project that I did through the Patreon group for YarnHarlot.

While I design knitting and crochet items, I am also a maker and I enjoy working other people’s designs and patterns too. Because of that you will also see my interpretation of other designer’s work.

The Color Stacking Cowl was designed with a particular dye method of yarn in mind. Yarn that has longer color repeats, but not self striping.

I had a spare skein of 100% wool in worsted weight and I decided to dye my own. I use the microwave and 9 x 11″ glass baking dish. The yarn didn’t turn out as even as I had hoped. It’s been a while since I had dyed anything and this was my first time trying to dye yarn using this method of striping.

Hank of yarn laying open on the table ready for dyeing.
The yarn I over dyed with the acid dye.
Soaked gray yarn waiting in the glass dish waiting for the dye.
Yarn soaked and sitting in the glass pan waiting for the dye.
Yarn covered in dye and wrapped in plastic wrap.
I poured the dye on the yarn and wrapped it in plastic wrap.
Finished, dried yarn laying on a table waiting to be wound.
The finished, dried yarn laying on a table waiting to be wound.

I decided to press on and use the yarn for the project it was intended for. I followed Stephanie’s directions for swatching and doing the math to figure out how many stitches to cast on and all of that.

When I had completed my first few rounds, it wasn’t working. I ripped, examined my yarn and found that the colors were off set during the dyeing process. Nothing I could do about it now.

I re-cast on and this time just kept knitting. Either way I was going to have a cowl that was hand dyed and knit by me when I was finished, even if the colors didn’t stack.

The purple, pink and gray cowl worked in seed stitch sits on a mannequin showing the swirling colors.
Finished cowl from the front.
A side view of the finished cowl in purple, pink and gray using seed stitch on a mannequin.
Finished cowl from the side.

So my colors swirl, as they usually do. I’ve been told it is because my name starts with an “S” so when I use a multi-color yarn it will make stripes or swirls.

While it would have been fun to see the colors stack, and even before this exercise I understand how they could and the theory behind it, I am happy with the resulting cowl. Now to wait for cooler weather to wear it!

Show me what you’re working on this week. Tag me in your posts or email me, I’d love to see it!

Happy making!


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