Media Studio

I have recently acquired much of the equipment needed for a photo and video studio. I have a camera, tripod, boom, micro phones, lights, and even a light box.

While I am very much enjoying having and using this equipment, it is not where my skills are strongest.

I shoot my own videos and the majority of my photos.

I also do all my own editing on my computer.

I am not only learning how to better frame shots for each of the different platforms I am on, IG, TikTok and YouTube but also how to make the best content using the editing software.

You can hear the dog whining in one of my recent videos. I’m sure that there is a way to edit that out, but I don’t know what it is. I do know how to flip my knitting content so that even though I was knitting left handed when I shot it looks right handed.

Why do I do all this work myself? Why do I shoot videos and take tons of pictures?

I do all this work myself because I can’t afford to hire anyone. Thanks to the education I got in high school I can work a camera and computer well enough to learn to edit better and I am and the quality will get better.

But why bother in the first place? Because I want to help others level up their stitching skills by showing them in as many ways as I can how to do something new.

Most of the tutorials that I have will be techniques for particular patterns. The YouTube videos for example have a list of patterns the technique can be found in at the beginning of the video.

As I get more photo tutorials together there will be a page to download those from Payhip for free.

I would like to move into downloadable classes with a mixed format with some live Q and A. That is part of the 5 year plan.

I do welcome any thoughts, comments or ideas you’d like to share along this journey.

Tomorrow will be my first YouTube release in a long time and I am so very excited!

Happy Making!


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