Real Life Teaching Moments

If you are a parent you know the term and if you are of the millennial generation you have probably heard someone say it to your parents, “teaching moment”.

The moment that something happens, be it unusual, totally random or the perfect practical example of something from a recent conversation and you decide to use that moment to teach about what is going on. It can be how could you have reacted better in this situation, to see how they handled that or we aren’t the only people x, y or z happens to.

I, as a parent of three, who are all currently teenagers, have had many of these moments. That has translated into my crochet and knitting style, not just in person at class or group but also in photos and recordings.

When something odd happens in my crocheting or knitting I want to share it with you. Usually it is happening because of something I didn’t think of in advance in a new design or because I made a mistake, either way I want you have the benefit of my learning. As such if it is something that just isn’t practical to replicate or I’m not going to be able to for some reason, the photos and maybe videos will be happening live and on the spot; a teaching moment.

Because of this some the photos won’t have perfect lighting and there might be some extra background stuff. Videos might have other stuff going on around it and people walking through the frame in the background. I do have an external mic for my phone now so hopefully the sound is good.

Much of my crafting is spent outside. I now live in the city, still with the children and the dogs. I also live on a main street now and where trains go by. I will do my best to avoid the extra noise as much as possible but it might not always happen. I also love to go downtown or to the mall and people watch while I work. I’m getting over being shy about recording in public so don’t be surprised if you see something from one of those places too.

Until next time, wherever you are,

Happy Making!


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