Switch It Hats

Changing Choices

In the Switch It Again Hat you have two choices when changing colors. Some people when changing colors in ribbing like to knit every stitch. This works well because you don’t have any of those visible loops of color showing and doesn’t change the stretch of the piece.

Knit every stitch.

The other choice I’m going to share with you is to work the color change round in ribbing as they are. You will see the color change loops when the piece is pulled open on the hat but the ribbing of this hat is so close that it doesn’t bother me.

Work them as they are.

So the choice is yours. Below is a couple more pictures to look at. If you are working a different rib count than this pattern has, it is 3 x 2, then please swatch to how’s your looks.

For this hat what the back looks like doesn’t matter because the right is all that will ever be visible. If the wrong side of your work is going to show, like when the brim or cuff is turned, then make sure you like the look of both sides before continuing.

Happy making!


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