Random Knits, tips and tricks

Support Your Stitching

This post probably not going to be about what you’re thinking, I’m not talking about financially, I’m talking physically, literally support your stitching.

I am working on a cowl that is going to be sort of epic for me. It is reeeeaaaallllyyy long. It’s the Scattering Petals cowl from Dana Rae. Here is the link for anyone interested.

When making something this big and taking it a as a to go project, which this is, you need to support it properly. I do often walk around and knit on this. You will need to support larger projects both knit and crochet when you are working on them standing or sitting.

When the items are just beginning or are going to stay small we already naturally support them. But as things grow and get bigger they get heavier.

Careful support is important for the project and for you. It is important for you so that you don’t hurt yourself by being in an unnatural position for an extended period of time. If you’re hurting ask why and think about what you’re doing. Reposition yourself and try again. Reminder to get up and move around about every 20 to 30 minutes. I know those long stretches of stitching are so much fun but take care of your most valuable and irreplaceable tool, you.

Lap support is the easiest and best. Snuggle up with a project and don’t lean over it.

As some projects grow and they are in our lap, the pile gets higher and higher and the stitch is right in our face. Make the conscious decision to smash the pile and not hurt your eyes.

Underarm support is great for walking and standing but again don’t do it for too long, you’ll arms will get sore. Ask me how I know…

Supporting as project as it grows and get heavier is important for the tools, materials and finished piece. The weight of a blanket, scarf or sweater pulls down on the stitches that are on the hook or needle. This can pull on cords and cause wear and separation. It can make the yarn stretch out too and blocking might not be able to smooth things evenly. This is where your finished piece is effected. If you don’t support a heavy piece and the weight is pulling on your piece your gauge will change and not be the same as the gauge of the piece when it was smaller. It will find it more difficult to make the stitches too. Like fighting to get the yarn through the loops.

Support your stitching.

Happy making!

Brick and Mortar

Mirrored or Identical…

The Brick and Mortar mitts are seamed up the side when you have reached the desired size.

These mitts are seamed as mirrored. That means when viewed from the top the bricks are mirror images of each other.

These mitts are seamed as identical. That means when viewed from the top the bricks look the same on both hands.

The difference is when they are out on the hands. Mirrored are the same on top of the hands and on the palms.

The identical will have the top of the left mitt will look like the palm of the right mitt and vice versa.

These mitts here are all knitted but the same idea applies to the crocheted ones as well. Which seaming will you choose?

Happy Making!

Random Knits

Basic Mitts

I got an order for some mitts recently for someone who loves color but wanted them to warmer than fingering weight yarn. So I started playing with DK weight yarn and below is where I’m currently at.

I haven’t decided if I want to write up the pattern yet or not. It worked up quickly and he’s been a fun knit. I’ll share the finished pair when they are both completed.

Happy making!

Las Cruces Shawl Vest


I am happy and excited to share with you that I am finally making progress on the Las Cruces Shawl Vest, crochet version, that isn’t stitching. I have begun writitthe pattern and have hopes to get it out for testing in the next couple of weeks!

My start on the Las Cruces Shawl Vest, crochet, with my great grandmother’s measuring tape.

This version uses only two colors. The modified elongated single crochet makes the piece look the same on both sides.

The chevron pattern is easy to memorize and this will quickly become a carry along piece that you can work on at groups, meetings or visiting with friends.

If you are interested in testing email me, message me on Instagram and comment below. I’ll get in touch with you and add you to the list.

These yarns are fingering weight 100% non super-wash merino wool. From Campfiber Yarns in Canada. The purple is called Cave Dwellers and the yellow is called Pineapple Delight. I love her yarns!

Happy making!

Brick and Mortar

Brick and Mortar Shoot

These hats and mitts are all finally finished. I still have to finish writing the patterns but all the stitching has been completed.

My hubby took me to breakfast this past weekend and I decided to do a shoot while we were there. Here are some of the photos. All are unedited and I haven’t chosen any for the patterns yet. It was a good shoot though.

Switch It Hats

Changing Choices

In the Switch It Again Hat you have two choices when changing colors. Some people when changing colors in ribbing like to knit every stitch. This works well because you don’t have any of those visible loops of color showing and doesn’t change the stretch of the piece.

Knit every stitch.

The other choice I’m going to share with you is to work the color change round in ribbing as they are. You will see the color change loops when the piece is pulled open on the hat but the ribbing of this hat is so close that it doesn’t bother me.

Work them as they are.

So the choice is yours. Below is a couple more pictures to look at. If you are working a different rib count than this pattern has, it is 3 x 2, then please swatch to how’s your looks.

For this hat what the back looks like doesn’t matter because the right is all that will ever be visible. If the wrong side of your work is going to show, like when the brim or cuff is turned, then make sure you like the look of both sides before continuing.

Happy making!

Switch It Hats

Hat Idea

I’ve been working on some odd hat ideas since my birthday and so far they are working.

Here is the second idea about half way through. These hats can be turned inside out to be different colors and even textures if you desire.

3 x 2 ribbed hat

I will have a test call coming on Instagram in next couple of weeks. If you’re interested let me know!

Happy Making!