Pattern Round Up

Seasons of Country Sophistication – Winter

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Fuzzy Yarn Choice

One of the things I love about this particular shawl is the edging. It is done simply and that is to make use of the fuzzy yarn that is the edging.
Since the yarn is fuzzy no pattern will show up in it. I did still want it to wave so I paired some yarn overs with some decreases to make the edging wavy.
For this shawl you will bind off all of the stitches after the edging is completed.
Now being armed with this info choose your fuzzy yarn carefully.
Make sure it isn’t too fuzzy. A choice like Fun Fur, from the late 90s, not a good idea. A mohair would be nice here. I used a suri alpaca blend that was almost immediately discontinued.
Practice the edging chart in a “regular” yarn so that you know what you are doing before getting started. Not only are you going to have a ton of stitches to work with, but tinking, ripping or dropping stitches and repairing becomes very difficult with a fuzzy yarn.
My advice is that if you mess up in the edging, which I kept simple, fudge it and move on. If you are missing a stitch try ti find it because you don’t want a dropped stitch. If you have too many, just decrease an extra stitch on the next round.
As always if you need help, ask me.

I have shared the edging chart with you here so you can practice now if you’d like.
Cast on 31 sts and K 4 Rows.
Then K3, work the Chart, K3.
Even Rows are K3, P across, K3.
O is yarn over
/ K2tog
Empty boxes are knits and dots are purls

Charts Tips and Tricks Video

Nupps Video

Binding off for Lace

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