bed spread, Swatching

Bed Spread

This is a piece I have been working on for almost a year now… I am enjoying it but it is slow because I am using crochet thread and a size 6 steel hook.

My grandmother loved bed spreads in this weight of yarn and the color I’ve chosen is also in honor of her.

I have 10 or 12 balls of this color. Way back when thread would go on sale for $.99.

I wrote up the directions and sent them to my Mom. She worked it p up using fingering weight yarn and a US “D” crochet hook. Below is her swatch.

I’ll keep working on it and eventually it will get done. The goal, aside from a bed spread in honor of my Grandmother, is to make it into a teaching opportunity about swatching, gauge and how to use a pattern that say “chain a number…” Also how yarn weight and hook size make a difference in the size of the finished piece.

I’ll find the instructions and post them here for you all to play with too.


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