behind the scenes, Brick and Mortar

New Shooting Configuration

As I have said before I am pretty much a one woman show. I shoot the majority of my footage on my own.

I recently tried a new set up and I love it!

I changed the recording quality on my camera to be higher just to see the difference and whoa, it is amazing!

This is a Nikon DSLR. It’s the 2nd one I’ve owned. I use this primarily for shooting videos. Stills look better from my phone because it has more mega pixels. I don’t replace this one because the shooting modes are plenty for making the videos I make.

The DSLR is mounted to a boom arm that I bought last year. That is mounted to a tripod that I have been hauling around for 20 years. I was given to me by my father in law back when I was still using film.

Light comes from 2 locations other than natural from the sliding door you see in the background.

A small light mounted on a tripod shown above and a ring light near the camera shown below.

This mic came as part of a kit for something I’m not sure why I bought. It helps pick up sound so much better, sorry about the birds in the background. Having this mic here means I don’t have to scream or try to project and hope my voice is picked up.

The remaining free space is almost all available for me to move around and still be in the shot. There is a screen on the camera that I can turn around and see what’s in the shot.

Here is the link for the video I made during this session. Click through and see what you think.

Happy Making!


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