behind the scenes, Swatching

Swatching at the Coffee Shop

One of things I have added to my weekly routine this year is going and working on the computer at the coffee shop down the street. I am not a coffee drinker but they made their own chai and it is good.

I also take along a bit of yarn and either needles or hooks to work on an idea between files. Today is some orange worsted weight from Cascade and crocheting mitered squares.

I’m using my newest crochet hook. It is from Crochic Styles and I love their work!

The sounds of the steamer and espresso machine as well as the click, clack, ding of a type writer fill the air. This is a coffee where people come to hang out and work. There’s a psychology professor, a prepped and many others who come through. I’m not distracted by their conversations but I do “listen” with interest.

These are my swatches for the afternoon. At 9 is single crochet, noon is double crochet and 6 is half double crochets. I am doing them with increasing because then you can stop when it’s the size you want instead of guessing.

The crochet hook is called Say Yes! and is a size J.

The files I was working on are for a workshop that I am hoping to launch in April. I will be doing a beta test of it, if you want to be part of it sign up for my newsletter because that’s where I’ll share that info.

Happy Making!


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