Habit Stacking

I don’t know a lot about habit stacking, but I have learned that it is adding something you want to do, to something that you already do.

I love to spin yarn. However I don’t really take the time to do it. Mostly I spin when I’m doing a demo for educational purposes, but I want to spin more.

I learned by accident recently that my spinning wheel fits between my and husband’s chairs with no issues.

As a family we watch TV a few nights a week for a couple of hours each night. I decided that for the first episode of whatever we are watching, I’m going to spin.

This is the yarn I spun and plied in my first week!

I didn’t do any spinning this week because I have to finish another project on a deadline, but I am going to start some new spinning on Sunday.

What things could you start stacking and add something new or more to your life?

Happy making!


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