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Tutorial Choices

I love love sharing the different tricks I discover, learn and to take a word from Elizabeth Zimmerman, unvent.

There are many ways to share those. In person and that is my favorite. Through photo tutorials, which I have done a few of and the easiest for us all I think, video tutorials.

These take me the least time, though they still take quite a bit of time. The majority of my videos are hosted on YouTube. A few strays are on Instagram. I like YouTube because they make it easy to make the videos have subtitles. That makes the directions available to a wider audience. Between the audio and two kinds of visual, video and written in the subtitles, it hits nearly all of the learning types. I have started adding swatch directions to the videos so that you can swatch along with me and that hits the tactile learner.

If you prefer photo tutorials, simply pause the video and now you have a still picture of what it is you’re trying to do. Only you get to choose what the photo is of.

Here is the link to the spreadsheet of ALL the tutorials I have done. The Tiktoks are slowly being redone into YouTubes. The Tiktoks I guess are still there and the links will moved to the “TikToks” tab as I replace them. There is also a tab for the few photo tutorials I have done. The remaining tabs are all for different kinds of videos; crochet, knit, other…

If there is ever a stitch, technique or something that you’d like me to share please let me know by commenting on this post or messaging me on IG or click over to the contact page and let me know!

Happy Making!


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