Las Cruces Shawl Vest

Las Cruces Shawl Vest

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Seed Stitch or Moss Stitch?

Truthfully, I’m still not sure. I have looked at the stitch patterns, dug around on line and looked at some history and still don’t see the difference. Double moss stitch is very different from Seed stitch but I don’t think double seed stitch is a thing.
I decided for the Las Cruces Shawl that the “actual” stitch name wasn’t important. I chose the stitch to resemble sand.
When I Googled “moss or seed stitch” and chose images, it was a bit better, sort of. What is shown as moss I have often heard refereed to as double moss. So I Googled that and got images of what the last page showed as moss and the other images that show moss squares that are 2 stitches wide and 2 rows tall.
This brings me to the conclusion that the stitch in Las Cruces is seed stitch. The stitch pattern in the North Side Sweater is moss and double moss will be for another day.

Alternating Cable Cast On

Counting Seed Stitch Rows and Rounds

Carrying Yarn Up the Side

Blocking Tutorial


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