Fall Delights, Pattern Round Up

Fall Delights

Each month through my weekly newsletter I share special stitches and techniques that go with the monthly pattern release, then I collect them all here in case someone missed something.

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Fiber Content

I have made both of these throws in 100% acrylic and in 100% wool. Why would I make the same throws twice? Because I became allergic to acrylic and couldn’t enjoy my throws any longer. So I made them again in wool and am happy to use them daily now. Fiber content makes a huge difference in your project. If it is a piece that will need to be blocked, I blocked both of these throws, then I recommend using a natural fiber. If it is a large item then I suggest wool or another animal fiber. Cotton and silk will become heavy and difficult to block. Sweaters made of these fibers will also grow in length. Acrylic can’t be blocked, it has to be killed using a garment steamer. Wool is easier to block, is warmer and more environmentally friendly than wool. I was choosing wool as often as I could before my allergy. After becoming allergic I was happy to have a reason to make the full switch. The Falling Leaves throw is made with Cascade 220 worsted weight Highland wool. Thank you Cascade for the yarn support! The Candy Corn throw is made with Knit Picks Wool of the Andes worsted weight Highland wool. I am happy with both pieces and will use both yarns again and again. Do some shopping and compare wool prices to “good” acrylic yarn prices. See if the making the switch is right for you.

Swatch and Block

Making the Candy Corn

How to make Leaves 1 and 2

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