Not Quite

I really wanted the knit version of Brick and Mortar to be reversible like the crochet version. No practical reason, I just think it’s fun.

Someone saw what I was doing and while they were thinking aloud said “If one was worked on the back…”

I took that thought and stuck it away for a couple of days and then had an idea of how to use that info. I’m not going to go into detail.

I got it! The knit version in now reversible!

Yay! So ripped out the progress I had made on the knitted hat. I started putting the work back in using this new info. After 2 bricks I decided to turn it inside out and have a look. Before I did I noticed I messed up and didn’t work enough rounds of the main color between mortar rounds. Oh well it still looked okay and the slip stitches were fine. I turned the hat inside out and here is what I saw…

Not quite as reversible as I thought. The missing main color rounds really make it noticeable. The color changes are very obvious on the other side of the knit version. It wasn’t as noticeable in the sample I made real quick, photos above, because the colors were different enough to see the mortar color but close enough to not see the color change issue.

Here is the inside of the knitted mitt. You can see the color change stripes. So I ripped the hat for the a second time that afternoon. It is still waiting to be put back in. I’m trying to decide if I want to go down a needle size and if I still want ribbing.

All part of the process.


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