behind the scenes, Swatching

Knitted Mitered Squares

A swatch of course.

I tried a couple of different increases to see which one I liked best. Blocking will tell the final story but that won’t happen until tomorrow.

Then I tried two different bind off methods to see which one most closely matched the give and stretch of the slipped stitch side. Above is the normal bind off and below is what I learned when working lace, that one is the winner.

Front and back views are important and help to avoid surprises later. I measured this one too but since I used different increases, bind offs and want to block it, it isn’t the final measurements.

The last thing that I have to play with is joining and the best way to do that. I want it to be a join as you go piece and I want it to look nice in both sides, even when joining different colors.

After I get the knitted ones figured out, I will start on the crocheted ones. I think some parts of that might be easier but only time will tell.


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