behind the scenes

Mitered Squares

I have finally finished that last project and now I can start another! I’m not a monogamous stitcher but I do try to limit myself and meet the same deadlines I give my testers.

I will be starting a mitered squares baby blanket. This one will be knit but I also have plans for a crocheted version as well. I have already searched a bit to see how mitered squares work.

When I want to do something that is new to me I search the internet first to get an idea of what has been done.

The knitted ones I found, no I didn’t look at ALL of them on the internet, we’re made by decreasing. I don’t want that for this project, that’s more work than I want to put in this go around. I’m thinking more of a recipe so that the blanket can made any size, with any square size, using any yarn you want.

I also want to make this a join as you go, modular piece, maybe with different square sizes but we’ll see about that last part.

Comment below what size squares you’d like to make and what you would make from them.

Happy Making!


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