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Support Your Stitching

This post probably not going to be about what you’re thinking, I’m not talking about financially, I’m talking physically, literally support your stitching.

I am working on a cowl that is going to be sort of epic for me. It is reeeeaaaallllyyy long. It’s the Scattering Petals cowl from Dana Rae. Here is the link for anyone interested.

When making something this big and taking it a as a to go project, which this is, you need to support it properly. I do often walk around and knit on this. You will need to support larger projects both knit and crochet when you are working on them standing or sitting.

When the items are just beginning or are going to stay small we already naturally support them. But as things grow and get bigger they get heavier.

Careful support is important for the project and for you. It is important for you so that you don’t hurt yourself by being in an unnatural position for an extended period of time. If you’re hurting ask why and think about what you’re doing. Reposition yourself and try again. Reminder to get up and move around about every 20 to 30 minutes. I know those long stretches of stitching are so much fun but take care of your most valuable and irreplaceable tool, you.

Lap support is the easiest and best. Snuggle up with a project and don’t lean over it.

As some projects grow and they are in our lap, the pile gets higher and higher and the stitch is right in our face. Make the conscious decision to smash the pile and not hurt your eyes.

Underarm support is great for walking and standing but again don’t do it for too long, you’ll arms will get sore. Ask me how I know…

Supporting as project as it grows and get heavier is important for the tools, materials and finished piece. The weight of a blanket, scarf or sweater pulls down on the stitches that are on the hook or needle. This can pull on cords and cause wear and separation. It can make the yarn stretch out too and blocking might not be able to smooth things evenly. This is where your finished piece is effected. If you don’t support a heavy piece and the weight is pulling on your piece your gauge will change and not be the same as the gauge of the piece when it was smaller. It will find it more difficult to make the stitches too. Like fighting to get the yarn through the loops.

Support your stitching.

Happy making!


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