behind the scenes, linen and lace

Linen and Lace

I’ve been working on this swatch for a while now. Ripping and redoing. The linen, cotton blend yarn I’m using wasn’t happy about it so I changed over to using some fingering weight super wash wool and it is taking the ripping so much better.

Yesterday after teaching Estonian lace at Yarnfest I grabbed my bag of design bits I brought with me and headed back downstairs to work on this swatch yet again.

I have a lace stitch dictionary that I had marked multiple stitch patterns in. The one I had started with wasn’t great and wasn’t laying correctly with the miter in the middle.

I surveyed my options and chose a pattern with an 8 row repeat, that is mostly knit. Below is what I got.

I am so very happy with it!

This morning after breakfast I got it charted up and then printed it out here in the business center at the hotel. So convenient!

Here is what I have to show for the afternoon of stitching. I like the pattern and am only questioning one thing, does it need more edge stitches before the eyelets? It isn’t going to roll but I think it would look neater, more finished.

I have started writing the directions and they need a bit of help. Over all it is a simple pattern, I’m struggling with communicating the repeat correctly and completely.

Now to go rip and add some edge stitches.

Happy making!


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