Shawls and Their Charts

This is an eBook I got as part of the Swatch Studio Circle. I’m not sure where to find a copy now. You can message Frenchie here on Instagram and ask. She is the author. There is both charted and written directions.

I started this with the 5 day challenge Frenchie does on occasion on Instagram. I liked the knitted pieces but I am also a crocheter and crochet designer so I decided to make a crocheted counter part for each of the knitted ones. Then I discovered that this book is part of the Swatch Studio Circle I had just joined and has 15 different swatches to make. It took me a while but I made them all and all but one had a crocheted partner. The Hexagon, easy to make as a motif, but going to take a bit of work to keep the shape for an entire shawl. I think this would be a design by design issue to deal with.

I’m am still working on the crocheted directions but they will be eventually be posted here on the blog.

Below I will share the photos I took of each of my swatches and what they are called.

Triangular (Flat)


Winged Triangular


3/4 Square

Asymmetrical Triangular

Bias Rectangular

Half-Pi Shawl

Side to Side Triangle



Circular (Pi)





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