Las Cruces Shawl Vest


I am happy and excited to share with you that I am finally making progress on the Las Cruces Shawl Vest, crochet version, that isn’t stitching. I have begun writitthe pattern and have hopes to get it out for testing in the next couple of weeks!

My start on the Las Cruces Shawl Vest, crochet, with my great grandmother’s measuring tape.

This version uses only two colors. The modified elongated single crochet makes the piece look the same on both sides.

The chevron pattern is easy to memorize and this will quickly become a carry along piece that you can work on at groups, meetings or visiting with friends.

If you are interested in testing email me, message me on Instagram and comment below. I’ll get in touch with you and add you to the list.

These yarns are fingering weight 100% non super-wash merino wool. From Campfiber Yarns in Canada. The purple is called Cave Dwellers and the yellow is called Pineapple Delight. I love her yarns!

Happy making!


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