behind the scenes, Brick and Mortar, Swatching

More Swatches

I’m sure you all probably think that all I do is swatch because that’s mostly what I’ve been sharing here. The swatches are needed but also I have been only working on one project and it can only be shred so much.

These swatches are needed for a video shoot later this week. They are videos for the Brick and Mortar Accessory patterns that will be released next week.

I will be shooting videos for both knit and crochet and for both right and left hand knitters and crocheters.

Here are my swatches or the beginnings of them and a note for what I’m doing. I shoot in batches but don’t edit that way. This combination works best for me.

Some are specific stitch techniques and some are finishing techniques. I love to help stitchers learn something new and level up their stitches.

What would you like to learn?


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